About me


My life path has always been standard. 

I received the stellar High School GPA which catapulted me through University while I obtained two degrees in Psychology and Sociology. 

Along this path, however, there was always something looming in the background. 

Since the third grade acting pursued me more than I pursued it... up until recently. 

I have now strayed from my previously guided path to pursue acting and uncover the looming desire to the fullest! 


My pursuit of large and small screen acting has led to me seek training through intensive classes as well as being continuously involved in short and student films throughout Colorado. 

What once was simply looming in the darkness behind me has now become my full-time endeavor. 

I hope to share my passion and delve further into my acting career with you.



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You can also send me an email directly at: kendell@kendellgreen.com

I look forward to speaking with you!